Santorini is famous for its important Minoan attractions, Venetian monuments and picturesque island buildings. During your stay in Oia, we suggest you start your tour by visiting places such as:

  • the Maritime Museum
  • the beautiful churches of the settlement
  • the windmills
  • the Venetian castle overlooking the magnificent sunset

Other great archaeological sites of Santorini

Apart from a high standard holiday, Santorini offers rare trips back to history. Meet one of the most important civilizations of the Aegean, covered by the ash of the great volcano eruption in 1600 BC. Visit the Prehistoric Thira Museum in Fira to see the frescoes of “Spring”, “Monkeys” and “Afrikanos”. A world “frozen” in time welcomes you.

Some major attractions are:

  • the ruins of Ancient Thera in Mesa Vounos, near Kamari
  • the ancient settlement in Akrotiri
  • the Gizi Mansion in Fira
  • the Museums (Archaeological, Folklore and Prehistoric Thira) in Fira
  • the Mesana Castle at Emporeio


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